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Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Goodra
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのヌメルゴン
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Numelgon
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Satoshi's Numelgon
Voice Actors
Ash's Goodra is the evolved form of Ash's Sliggoo. It evolved just after using Rain Dance to help put out the fire that was caused by Rocket Gang's Automatic Pikachu Catcher exploded. The Rain Dance got heavier and was able to put out the fire. As a result of evolving, it also learned Dragon Pulse which it used to quickly blast Rocket Gang away.

Shortly after the Rocket Gang battle, it had a double battle with Ash's Pikachu against Tierno. Ash's Goodra's Bide proved effective in the battle and the two of them were able to defeat Tierno.

Kalos League Final

Keanan dropped of Goodra for Ash and Ash's Goodra played a pivotal role in the Kalos League Final against Alain's Bisharp. Ash's Goodra was its next opponent after Alain's Bisharp had already defeated Ash's Hawlucha and the match started off with it using Rain Dance. When Bide wasn't able to knock it out, Alain's Bisharp fought back with Guillotine and knocked out Goodra.
Known Moveset
Bide Type
First Seen: XY 55
Learned as a Goomy
Rain Dance Type
First Seen: XY 55
Learned as a Goomy
Dragon Breath Type
First Seen: XY 61
Learned as a Sliggoo
Dragon Pulse Type
First Seen: XY 65
Learned as a result of evolving. Ash commanded it to use Dragon Breath but it used it instead.
Ice Beam Type
First Seen: XY 69
Learned the move during the battle against Florges.
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