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Pokémon The Series - Sun and Moon - Ultra Adventures - Collection 2

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Audio Tracks:   English
Publisher:  Beyond Home Entertainment
Catalog #:  BHE8094
Release Date:  2019-02-06
Aspect Ratio:  16:9
Region Code:  
Video Format:  PAL
Storage Medium:  DVD9
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


Ash and his friends at the Pokémon School are settling into their new roles as Ultra Guardians, seeking out the strange life-forms known as Ultra Beasts and sending them back to their own worlds!

On Ula’ula Island, Ash takes on his next grand trial and faces off against a powered-up Team Rocket. Lana makes a new friend, Sophocles takes a trip down memory lane, and Lillie keeps her cool in a scary situation. Finally, our heroes are in charge after Professor Kukui and the other adults develop a mysterious condition that leaves them all exhausted! Could the strange creature known as The Blinding One be responsible?


Episode List
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  •   Shine On, Starship Tekkaguya!
  •   輝け星舟テッカグヤ!
  •   Rise and Shine, Starship!
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  •   Protect the Farm! The Blue Flame Strikes Back!!
  •   牧場を守れ!逆襲の蒼き炎!!
  •   The Young Flame Strikes Back!
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  •   Shizukumo Gets Suiren!
  •   シズクモ、スイレンゲットだぜ!
  •   Dewpider Ascending!
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  •   Ta-Dough! Burn with Passion, Mao's Family!!
  •   パンパカパーン!燃えよマオファミリー!!
  •   Sours for the Sweet!
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  •   The Rocket Gang's Island Pilgrimage! Get a Z-Ring
  •   ロケット団の島めぐり?Zリングをゲットせよ
  •   Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?
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  •   This Tough Old Geezer's the Island King?!
  •   ちょーワルおやじはしまキング!?
  •   Tough Guy Trials!
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  •   Kapu-Bulul! Intense Slacker Training!!
  •   カプ・ブルル!ぐーたらモー特訓!!
  •   Some Kind of Laziness!
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  •   The Decisive Super Battle! Pikachu VS Mimikkyu!!
  •   スーパー決戦!ピカチュウVSミミッキュ!!
  •   A Battle Hand-Off!
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  •   Kuchinashi's Grand Trial! The Awakening of Lugarugan!!
  •   クチナシの大試練!ルガルガン覚醒!!
  •   Guiding an Awakening!
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  •   Ultra Beast Clash! Operation: Boom Boom Crackle!!
  •   激突ウルトラビースト!ドンドンバチバチ大作戦!!
  •   Twirling with a Bang!
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  •   Meteno and Bevenom: A Promise that Got Lost in the Starry Skies!
  •   メテノとベベノム、星空に消えた約束!
  •   Showering the World with Love!
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  •   A Sand's Storm! An Ice Hole Double Battle!!
  •   サンドの嵐!氷穴のダブルバトル!!
  •   Not Caving Under Pressure!
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  •   The Young Flame of Alola! The Birth of Royal Satoshi!!
  •   アローラの若き炎!ロイヤルサトシ誕生!!
  •   A Young Royal Flame Ignites!
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  •   Won't You Give us a Dance Dance Evolution?
  •   ダンスダンスで進化せんか?
  •   All They Want to Do Is Dance, Dance!
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  •   Satoshi Becomes Tiny
  •   サトシ、ちいさくなる
  •   Dummy, You Shrunk the Kids!
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  •   The Shape of Family: Bevenom's Feelings!
  •   家族のカタチ、ベベノムのキモチ!
  •   The Shape of Love to Come!
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  •   Leap 'n' Climb: Tundetunde!
  •   トンデノボッテ、ツンデツンデ!
  •   The Long Vault Home!
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  •   I Choose Here! The Pokémon Steam Paradise!!
  •   ココにきめた!ポケモン湯けむりパラダイス!!
  •   I Choose Paradise!
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  •   Crisis in Alola! The Darkness that Eats Radiance!!
  •   アローラの危機!かがやきを喰らう闇!!
  •   Filling the Light with Darkness!
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  •   Lunala VS UB: BLACK! A Battle at Full Moon!!
  •   ルナアーラ対UB:BLACK!満月の戦い!!
  •   Full Moon and Many Arms!
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  •   A Prism of Light and Darkness: Its name is Necrozma!
  •   光と闇のプリズム、その名はネクロズマ!
  •   The Prism Between Light and Darkness!
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  •   Connect to the Future! The Legend of the Radiant One!!
  •   未来へつなげ!かがやきさまの伝説!!
  •   Securing the Future!
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  •   It's an Outbreak-chu! The Pikachu Valley!!
  •   大量発生チュウ!ピカチュウのたに!!
  •   A Plethora of Pikachu!
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  •   Kukui Up Against the Wall! A Second Royal Mask!!
  •   ククイ絶対絶命!もう一人のロイヤルマスク!!
  •   Turning the Other Mask!