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Misty's Corsola

Character Names
  • English / United States: Misty's Corsola
  • Japanese / Japan: カスミのサニーゴ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Kasumi no Sunnygo
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Kasumi's Sunnygo
Voice Actors
Misty caught Corsola with the Lure Ball she got from Kurt.

Alto Mare Summer Festa Race

Misty selected her Corsola to race at the Alto Mare Summer Festa where water Pokémon pull their trainer down the canals of the city. Misty's Corsola's main competitor was Ash's Totodile who was neck and neck against it for a lot of the race. Ash's Totodile quickly passed Misty and her Corsola near the end of the race but Alto_Mare_Latios showed up and took all of them off course just before Ash Ketchum was about to win. Misty's Corsola ended up winning the race after a photo finish showed that it had beat last year's winner Ross because of its horns.
Series Title
GS 97 サニーゴでアミーゴ!おうがんとうのたいけつ!!/Sunnygo the Amigo! Showdown on Yellow Rock Island!!/The Corsola Caper
GS 98 Mantine Overboard!/Mantain and the Sunken Ship!! The Mystery of the Secret Pokémon!/マンタインとちんぼつせん!!なぞのポケモンのひみつ!
GS 99 オクタンとテッポウオ!うずまきカップよせん!!!/Octillery The Outcast!/Okutank and Teppouo! The Whirlpool Cup Preliminary Matches!!!
GS 100 Dueling Heroes/Whirlpool Cup! The Big Battle at the Water Colosseum!!/うずまきカップ!みずのコロシアムでだいバトル!!
GS 101 サトシVSカスミ!うずまきカップさいごのたたかい!!/The Perfect Match/Satoshi VS Kasumi! The Final Battle of the Whirlpool Cup!!
GS 105 A Parent Trapped!/The Imprisoned Lugia!/とらわれのルギア!
GS 109 さよならフシギダネ!オーキドていのぼうけん!!/Bulbasaur...the Ambassador!/Goodbye, Fushigidane! Adventure in Okido's Garden!!
GS 110 エーフィとサクラ!エンジュシティふたたび!!/Espeon Not Included!/Eifie and Sakura! Enju City Again!!
GS 115 The Rocket Gang and Delibird!/ロケットだんとデリバード!/Due's and Don'ts
GS 127 Pupurin Twins VS Purin! Singing Pokemon Concert!/Same Old Song and Dance/ふたごのププリンVSプリン!うたうポケモンコンサート!
GS 130 Py and Pippi and the Shooting Star!/ピィとピッピとながれぼし!/Wish Upon a Star Shape
GS 133 ニョロトノのチアリーディング!/Nyorotono's Cheerleading!/I Politoed Ya So!
GS 134 こおりのどうくつ!/The Ice Cave!
GS 140 リュウグウジム!みずのなかでバトルだぜ!/Just Add Water!/Dragon King Palace Gym! A Battle in the Water!
GS 143 Entei and the Hot Springs Friends!/エンテイとおんせんのなかまたち!/Entei at Your Own Risk
GS 149 Nyula and the Sacred Flame!/Pop Goes the Sneasel!/ニューラとせいなるほのお!
AG 44 The Princess and the Togepiカスミ登場!トゲピーとまぼろしの王国!!Enter Kasumi! Togepi and the Mythical Kingdom!!
PC 16 Luvdisc Is A Many Splendored Thing!
Movie 5 Pokémon Heroes水の都の護神 ラティアスとラティオスThe Guardian Gods of the Water Capital Latias and Latios
Movie 7 Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys裂空の訪問者 デオキシスThe Sky-Rending Visitor Deoxys
Short 5 Camp Pikachuピカピカ星空キャンプPikapika Starry Sky Camp
SPH 8 Revenge Match at Hanada Gym!/ハナダジムのリベンジマッチ!
SPH 18 カスミ!ブルーバッジをゲットせよ!/Kasumi! Get the Blue Badge!!
SPH 42 Kasumi's Earnest Struggle! She's Risking her Life!?/カスミ真剣勝負!命かけます!?
SM 102 Alola, Alola!アローラでアローラ! タケシとカスミ!An Alola! in Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi!