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Officer Jenny
English Officer Jenny
Japanese ジュンサー
Japanese (Romanized) Junsa
French Agent Jenny
Swedish Konstapel Jenny
Officer Jenny is part of a family of policewomen found in almost every town. All of her sisters are named the same, and look identical. They are responsible for enforcing the law, and are often called on when Team Rocket is causing trouble. They typically use Growlithe as an attacking Pokemon. They are also part of Brock's innumerable fantasies about girls, and he seems to be the only one able to tell the various officers apart. The Officer Jenny's that are apart of the Orange Islands Police Force have lighter uniforms than those of the Kanto Region.

Viridian City

The Officer Jenny of Viridian City was searching for Team Rocket when she accused Ash of being a criminal and stealing the injured Pikachu, who had just been hurt in a battle against a flock of Spearow. She wanted Ash to provide ID, but he did not have any. Officer Jenny showed him that his PokéDex served as his official trainer's ID. After realizing she was mistaken in accusing Ash of being a criminal, she drove him to the Viridian City Pokémon Center so that Ash could get help for Pikachu. She continued her pursuit of Team Rocket, but they were ultimately able to escape.

Hophophop Town

After reports that children had been going missing for three days, Officer Jenny met Ash and his friends in the square where she had been putting up posters of the missing children. With their assistance, Officer Jenny was able to track down the source of the Sleep waves that she had been monitoring. Pokémon Fan Club was using their Hypno and Drowzee to help their members get to sleep but they were unaware that it was causing side effects with the children in the town including Arnold. After Ash and his friends with the help of Officer Jenny tracked down the kids to a park in the middle of Hophophop Town, Officer Jenny was glad that the mystery was solved.

Hophophop Town Officer Jenny is the elder second cousin of the Maiden Cape Officer Jenny and considers her a distant relative. Brock at the time that he met the Hophophop Town Officer Jenny considered her to be the most beautiful Officer Jenny he had met so far although she did not return his affection and was often pushing him out of the way.

Pinkan Island

Officer Jenny met Ash and his friends when they accidentally arrived on Pinkan Island. They got into trouble with a Rhyhorn but with Officer Jenny's help they were able to rescue the Rhyhorn. Officer Jenny decided not to press charges against Ash and his friends after they trespassed on the protected Pokémon nature reserve. Officer Jenny and some very dedicated rangers protect the Pinkan Pokémon from poachers and so that they can be studied in their natural environment. Tracey Sketchit seemed to have a small crush on her as he bushed a bit when Ash found out he drew a picture of her.
Pokemon (11)
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Like most Ghost Pokémon, Officer Jenny's Gastly likes appearing out of no where and tries to be the center of attention even when Officer Jenny is discussing official police business.Officer Jenny always has to fight with its playful nature so she can do her job. Gastly wasn't affected like the other Pokémon by Team Rocket's Hypnotic waves because Ghost Pokémon are strong against psychic type attacks. [View More]
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Officer Jenny's Growlithe which are regularly used as apart of the Police Force.
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Officer Jenny's Arcanine is a powerful and effective Pokemon which she uses to help her enforce the law.
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Eterna City Officer Jenny's Stunky.
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Spinarak are used by Officer Jenny and the Police Force in Cattailia City in honour of the Officer Jenny who caught the legendary theif the Black Arachnid many years ago. The Spinarak are useful for creating traps and tripwires which catch the criminal unawares.
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Officer Jenny's Chatot helped her capture a criminal one day while on a stakeout and since that day it has stayed with her as her partner. When Rocket Gang attempted to capture Pikachu, they accidentally captured her Chatot.
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Officer Jenny's Meganium was sent out to stop Team Rocket.
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Officer Jenny's Parasect was sent out to stop Team Rocket.
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Officer Jenny's Tangela was sent out to help stop Team Rocket.
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Officer Jenny's Wobbuffet helps her with her job.
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Officer Jenny's Jumpluff was sent out to sprinkles some pollen onto the floor to use as finger print powder.
Episodes (103)


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