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OP/ED: 心のノート / Notebook of the Heart
Title 心のノート
Notebook of the Heart
Song 心のノート
Song Artist 日野市立七生緑小学校合唱団
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Notebook of the Heart is the third ending theme for the Japanese Sun & Moon series and it replaced Brat Boy, Brat Girl. It was performed by the Hino City Nanaomidori Elementary School Choir and was written by Okazaki Taiiku.

@elise Sheet Music


For a limited time starting on January 18th, 2019, @elise posted the sheet music and lyrics sheet for the song as a free download pdf to those that filled out a questionnaire about the Pocket Monsters Sun and Moon anime series.

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Pokénchi 173:

Okazaki Taiiku was a guest on Pokénchi 173 where he briefly talked about the ending and a video of the recording session with the children's school choir was shown.

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