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James (Alola)
English James (Alola)
Japanese ジェイムズ
Japanese (Romanized) James
James is a house butler for Lillie's family in the Alola region. He ordinarily doesn't allow Pokémon to enter the house but made an exception as Lillie approved Pikachu and Rotom Pokédex when Ash visited the house for the first time.

He battled against Ash outside the house and he is one of the most skilled battlers that Lillie's family has on staff. It had been a long time since he had such a fun battle. He defeated Ash's Rowlet but the battle was cut-off when they heard Lillie scream.
Pokemon (1)
Main Picture
James's Oricorio is a Clap-Clap Style.It is a Dance Pokémon and it creates electricity by rubbing its feathers together.It dances over to its enemies and attacks. [View More]
Episodes (6)

タマゴ係はだ~れだ?Who's in Charge of the Egg?
アローラ! はじめての授業参観!!Alola! The First Visitation Day!!
A Glaring Rivalry!出でよ!紅き眼差しルガルガン!!Come Forth, Lugarugan with the Crimson Look!!
リーリエ、 ピカチュウをかわいがってあげてねLilie, Take Good Care of Pikachu
A Masked Warning!グラジオとシルヴァディ!戒めの仮面!!Gladio and Silvady! The Confinement Mask!!
Night of a Thousand Poses!ゼンリョクポーズでお泊まり会!A Sleepover in Fully Powered Poses!

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