James had a very spoiled childhood as his parents are quite rich. He spent time at his various houses in many different regions of the world while he was young. James had an arranged marriage set up at a young age to Jessiebelle, a girl that he absolutely resented. James ran a way from home to avoid the whole situation but Jessiebelle has haunted James ever since. James eventually joined Team Rocket and was paired with Meowth and Jessie. Together their goal has been to capture Pikachu and as many rare Pokémon as possible for Giovanni.
Pokemon (18)
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After finishing a conversation with Giovanni's secretary, Yamask appeared and was sniffing a tin of Pokémon food that was in Team Rocket's briefcase. Lighthearted as usual, James quickly offed the Yamask some food which it quickly ate. Fascinated by the Yamask, James asked it if it wished to travel with him which it agreed and captured itself into James' Poké Ball.
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James's Amoonguss was revealed when it was sent out to battle at Professor Juniper's laboratory. It was instrumental at trying to initially capture Pikachu as it slammed it into the ground to knock it out but Jessie's Frillish Psychic attack was unable to put it in the cage, so it changed focus and captured Nonomi's Tepig. It didn't last long in the actual battle against Ash though as Ash's Unfezant was able to one hit KO it.
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James' Inkay was first spotted in Miare City when it ate James' croissant.It seemed to like the food that he was eating and it followed them on their journey.When they stopped to eat lunch, it appeared again and this time it ate his sandwich. [View More]
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While searching underwater in scuba diving gear, James's Mareanie approached him and latched onto his helmet and its spikes went through the front glass viewing pane which almost impaled him and drowned him at the same time.He managed to make it back to dry land but Mareanie was still attached to the helmet.After a battle with Pikachu which they actually won, Mareanie continued to follow James and he decided to capture it. [View More]
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James's first Pokemon (by order of appearance). It is very loyal to James. It evolved into Weezing in Episode 31: Dig Those Diglett, after its master wished for a stronger Pokemon. It mostly uses its Smokescreen move to help Team Rocket make their getaway.
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Bought off the Magikarp Salesman. Evolved into Gyarados.
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Abandoned by James
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James originally caught Carnivine in the Great Marsh as a boy.
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James's Cacnea was the first Pokémon he caught after coming to the Hoenn region. James later gave it to Gardenia to help it improve its skills. Click here to see info on Gardenia's Cacnea
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Mime Jr. previously resided with the old couple who took care of an old vacation castle that James's family owns.
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James's Weezing evolved from his Koffing as James was complaining that he needed a stronger and more evolved Pokémon that could help him during battles.Weezing is usually sent out to use its Smog attack as a distraction or for combat cover.On many occasions, Smog has proved to be its most useful attack. [View More]
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James's loyal Growlithe has helped save James from Jessiebelle on countless occasions.When James left his home, Growlie stayed at home in its own mansion. James later re-encounted Growlie at one of the mansions in the Sinnoh region. [View More]
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James left Chimecho with elderly caretakers at his old vacation home near Saffron City.
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James's Hoppip was sold to him by the Magikarp Salesman. He thought he was getting a Chimecho. He released it moments after he realized it wasn't a Chimecho.
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James's Weepinbell was sent to a breeding center where it evolved into a Victreebel.
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James's Weepinbell was obtained during a trade with the Magikarp salesman's.
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James's Weepinbell was obtained during a trade with the Magikarp salesman's. It later evolved into Victreebel during a battle against Ash and Casey.
Episodes (916)

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