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Ash's Litten

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Litten
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのニャビー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Nyabby
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Satoshi's Nyabby
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Litten is a recurring wild Pokémon that Ash encounters in the Alola region. He first encountered it on the beach and he accidentally stepped on its tail and in retaliation, Ash Ketchum gets hit in the face with a ball of fire.

Ash's Litten don't like others meddling in its affairs and is extremely difficult. It visits the Pokémon School cafeteria pretty often and at the marketplace too. It helps itself to Berries and then runs off with them. An old woman in the marketplace leaves Berries out for it daily to come get. Mallow thought that despite its attitude, it was cute and that people just couldn't bring themselves to dislike it.

Ash Ketchum decided to give it some of his precious croquette sandwich that he was going to eat for lunch one day but instead of taking the smaller piece that he was going to give to Nyabby, it took the larger piece and ran away. Ash decided he was going to teach it a lesson as he believes that grudges over food are scary stuff. He managed to track it down when it was being cornered by a Alolan Persian which had injured it greatly. After fighting off the Persian, Ash Ketchum took Ash's Litten to get healed at the Pokémon Center. Later that night, Ash's Litten went back to its house where it brought the berry to its friend Stoutland but Ash Ketchum followed it. He realized that Ash's Litten was bringing food to Stoutland who was old. Persian returned again but this time Ash's Litten was able to fight it off on its own. Ash Ketchum was going to bring some food the next day but Ash's Litten had moved.

Ash's Befriending Litten:

Meowth warned Ash Ketchum though that Litten is an extremely tenacious little Pokémon and that he wanted Ash Ketchum to look after Litten. After its friend Stoutland died and it accepted that, Litten decided that it needed the company of some friends and it decided to befriend and join Ash Ketchum. After Ash proved himself in a battle, Ash captured Litten and he vowed that they would perfect Fire Fang together.

Evolving into Torracat:

Ash's Torracat is the evolved form of Ash's Litten. It evolved during a training battle with the Masked Royal.
Known Moveset
Ember Type
First Seen: SM 7
Satoshi commented to Nyabby that its Ember was pretty impressive. It had used it in earlier episodes but wasn't confirmed.
Fire Fang Type
First Seen: SM 21
Stoutland showed it how to use the move so it could practice.
Scratch Type
First Seen: SM 24
Hanako confirmed the attack in the battle against Skull Gang.
Breakneck Blitz Type
First Seen: SM 35
Finishes off the Totem Lurantis.
Flame Charge Type
First Seen: SM 63
While training after losing to Incineroar, it learned the move.
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