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Character Names
  • English / United States: Sophocles
  • Japanese / Japan: マーマネ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Māmane
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Mamane
Voice Actors
Sophocles likes Electric type Pokémon and is a science nerd with a vast knowledge of technology. When he gets into something, he analyzes the subject very thoroughly.

System analysis is a main field of study for him as he is often programming things to keep track of his life. He loves collecting information for his Togedemaru nurturing program as it is of great interest to him and keeps his Togedemaru in good health.

He enjoys the ice cream at the mall and considers it the best in the entire Alola region as it's made from generous amounts of both whole milk and high grade vanilla beans plus it's handmade, so he gets it when he can because it's available in limited amounts.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Sophocles' Vikavolt
  • Japan マーマネのクワガノン
  • Japan Mamane no Kuwagannon
  • Japan Mamane's Kuwagannon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Sophocles's Charjabug
  • Japan マーマネのデンヂムシ
  • Japan Māmane no Dendimushi
  • Japan Mamane's Dendimushi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Sophocles's Togedemaru
  • Japan マーマネのトゲデマル
  • Japan Māmane no Togedemaru
  • Japan Mamane's Togedemaru
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ultra Guardians' Metang
  • Japan ウルトラガーディアンズのメタング
  • Japan Ultra Guardians no Metang
  • Japan Ultra Guardians' Metang
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