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Sophocles' Vikavolt

Character Names
  • English / United States: Sophocles' Vikavolt
  • Japanese / Japan: マーマネのクワガノン
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Mamane no Kuwagannon
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Mamane's Kuwagannon
Voice Actors
Sophocles' Vikavolt is the evolved form of Sophocles's Charjabug. It rescued Horacio from falling into a chasm ravine just after it evolved. It then flew across to get the Bug Stone and gave it to Horacio as Charjabug had already evolved and didn't need it.

It battled against Mina's Ribombee in the Top 16 round of the Alola League. Mina's Ribombee showed off its fast movements and its ability to dodge moves making it hard for Vikavolt to land any attacks with it zigzagging all the time until Vikavolt anticipated Ribombee’s movements and caught it with its pincers. It used Signal Beam while caught and knocked out Ribombee.

In the Alola Pokémon League quarterfinals third match, Kiawe's Charizard battled against Sophocles' Vikavolt. Sophocles had thoroughly researched Kiawe’s battle strategies so that his Vikavolt would put on the pressure against Charizard, who was the stronger and more experienced battler in the match-up. Charizard endured a make-or-break moment when it burned off the Savage Spin-Out Z-Move. For a lot of the match, Vikavolt was really pressing its attack, while Charizard was only playing defense. Vikavolt had learned the new move Wild Charge and that surprised Kiawe but totally met his every expectation for a good battle. Charizard and Kiawe used Supersonic Skystrike which was too strong for Vikavolt's Wild Charge and it was knocked out.
Known Moveset
Discharge Type
First Seen: SM 26
Learned as a Charjabug.
String Shot Type
First Seen: SM 41
Learned as a Charjabug.
Signal Beam Type
First Seen: SM 123
During a training battle with Kiawe, it was revealed to have learned this move.
Savage Spin-Out Type
First Seen: SM 123
Mastered using the move during a battle against Crawdaunt.
Zap Cannon Type
First Seen: SM 127
Lana noted the attack was amazing.
Wild Charge Type
First Seen: SM 134
Sophocles surprised Kiawe with this new move.
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