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Sophocles's Charjabug

Character Names
  • English / United States: Sophocles's Charjabug
  • Japanese / Japan: マーマネのデンヂムシ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Māmane no Dendimushi
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Mamane's Dendimushi
Voice Actors
As a going away moving present, Ash Ketchum and his Pokémon searched the forest for a Charjabug. He had trouble finding one but Ash's Rockruff managed to find it and he brought it in a cage to Sophocles so he could catch it. Dendimushi is able to store up electricity and even provide it to other Pokémon.

Sophocles's Togedemaru quickly battled Charjabug and defeated it so that Sophocles could get it. Sophocles always wanted a Dendimushi and now thanks to Ash Ketchum, he got one.

Dendimushi apparently has a Mild Nature which was showcased when it initially was placed in the Type 3 car kit for the Dendimushi Race and the car was very slow. It competed in the 25th Kokeko Cup where Team Red Meteor where the self-imposed favorites to win the race but thanks to some great teamwork, it managed to win the race.
Known Moveset
Discharge Type
First Seen: SM 26
It used Discharge on Sophocles's Togedemaru but it used Lightning Rod to absorb the electricity.
String Shot Type
First Seen: SM 41
It used String Shot to create instant tire chains during the 25th Kokeko Cup.
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