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Mallow's Tsareena

Character Names
  • English / United States: Mallow's Tsareena
  • Japanese / Japan: マオのアマージョ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Mao no Amajo
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Mao's Amajo
Voice Actors
Mallow's Tsareena is the evolved form of Mallow's Steenee. It evolved when it banged on the top of a cage that Ash Ketchum was caught in and it learned the move Stomp as a result of its efforts.
It battled against Lana's Primarina in the Top 16 round of the Alola League. Mallow was going to give in as she didn't want Tsareena to keep fighting a losing battle. It didn't want to quit and it convinced her to keep on fighting and they performed the Z-Move Bloom Doom for the first time. Lana's Primarina countered with the Oceanic Operetta Z-Move and they ended up cancelling each other out. Primarina ended up winning the match.
Known Moveset
Double Slap Type
First Seen: SM 18
Learned as a Steenee.
Magical Leaf Type
First Seen: SM 43
Learned as a Steenee.
Stomp Type
First Seen: SM 82
Learned the move while stomping on the top of a cage Ash was in while as a Steenee.
Trop Kick Type
First Seen: SM 82
Learned when it evolved into Tsareena.
Bloom Doom Type
First Seen: SM 130
Performed the move for the first time during the Top 16 Round of the Alola League.
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