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Pokémon Journeys: The Series

  • German: Pokémon Reisen: Die Serie
  • French: La série: Pokémon, les voyages
  • Spanish: serie Viajes Pokémon
  • Italian: Esplorazioni Pokémon La Serie
  • Portuguese (Brazil): a série Jornadas Pokémon
Aired from: 2020-06-20 until 2021-03-05
Popular Characters
Ash Ketchum/サトシ/Satoshi
Ash's Pikachu/サトシのピカチュウ/Satoshi's Pikachu
Goh's Rotom Phone/ゴウのスマホロトム/Go's Smartphone Rotom
Professor Cerise/サクラギ博士/Sakuragi-hakase
Goh's Raboot/ゴウのラビフット/Go's Rabbifoot
Professor Cerise's Yamper/サクラギ博士のワンパチ/Professor Sakuragi's Wanpachi
Jessie's Wobbuffet/ムサシのソーナンス/Musashi's Sonansu
Episode List
PJ 1: Enter Pikachu!
  • Pikachu is Born!
  • ピカチュウ誕生!
PJ 2: Legend? Go! Friends? Go!
  • On Lugia They Go, Satoshi and Go!
  • サトシとゴウ、ルギアでゴー!
PJ 3: Ivysaur’s Mysterious Tower!
  • Fushigisou is Quite Mysterious, Don't You Think Sou?
  • フシギソウってフシギだね?
PJ 4: Settling the Scorbunny!
  • Let's Go to the Galar Region! An Encounter with Hibanny!!
  • 行くぜガラル地方!ヒバニーとの出会い!!
PJ 5: Mind-Boggling Dynamax!
  • Kabigon Grows Gigantic?! The Mystery of Daimax!!
  • カビゴン巨大化!?ダイマックスの謎!!
PJ 6: Working My Way Back to Mew!
  • I'm Gonna Get a Ton of Pokémon! The Road to Mew!!
  • ポケモン大量ゲットだぜ!ミュウへの道!!
PJ 7: Serving Up the Flute Cup!
  • The Houen Region, Site of Fierce Fights! The Battle Frontier Challenge!!
  • 激闘のホウエン地方!挑戦バトルフロンティア!!
PJ 8: The Sinnoh Iceberg Race!
  • Don't Give In, Pochama! An Ice Floe Race in the Sinnoh Region!!
  • 負けるなポッチャマ!シンオウ地方の流氷レース!!
PJ 9: Finding a Legend!
  • The Pledge We Made That Day! The Houou Legend of the Jouto Region!!
  • あの日の誓い!ジョウト地方のホウオウ伝説!!
PJ 10: A Test in Paradise!
  • The Kairyu Paradise and the Hakuryu Trial!
  • カイリューの楽園、ハクリューの試練!
PJ 11: Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!
  • Koharu, Wanpachi, and Sometimes Gangar Too
  • コハルとワンパチと、時々、ゲンガー
PJ 12: Flash of the Titans!
  • Daimax Battle! Dande, The Greatest of Them All!!
  • ダイマックスバトル!最強王者ダンデ!!
PJ 13: The Climb to Be the Very Best!
  • Satoshi VS Dande! The Path to Power!!
  • サトシ対ダンデ!最強への道!!
PJ 14: Raid Battle in The Ruins!
  • The First Visit to the Isshu Region! Raid Battle at the Ruins!!
  • 初イッシュ地方!遺跡でレイドバトル!!
PJ 15: A Snow Day for Searching!
  • Snow Day: Where is Karakara's Bone?
  • 雪の日、カラカラのホネはどこ?
PJ 16: A Chilling Curse!
  • Satoshi Has Been Cursed...!
  • 呪われたサトシ…!
PJ 17: Kicking It from Here Into Tomorrow!
  • Hibanny, Use Your Flaming Kick! Face Tomorrow!!
  • ヒバニー、炎のキック!明日に向かって!!
PJ 18: Destination: Coronation!
  • Satoshi Joins In! The Pokémon World Championships!!
  • サトシ参戦!ポケモンワールドチャンピオンシップス!!
PJ 20: Dreams Are Made of These!
  • Go Towards Your Dream! Satoshi and Go!!
  • 夢へ向かってゴー!サトシとゴウ!!
PJ 21: Caring for a Mystery!
  • Hit Your Mark, Wave Guidance! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!!
  • とどけ波導!サトシと不思議なタマゴ!!
PJ 22: Goodbye, Friend!
  • Farewell, Rabbifoot!
  • さよなら、ラビフット!
PJ 23: Panic in the Park!
  • Massive Panic! Sakuragi Park!!
  • 大パニック!サクラギパーク!!
PJ 24: A Little Rocket R & R!
  • Rest, Rocket Gang!!
  • 休め!ロケット団!!
PJ 25: A Festival Reunion!
  • A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!!
  • 命爆発バトルフェス!VSメガルカリオ!!
PJ 26: Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown!
  • Splash, Koiking! / Crown Yourself, Yadoking!
  • はねろ!コイキング / かぶれ!ヤドキング
PJ 27: Toughing It Out!
  • The Legend of Heroes! Dande's Ultimate Battle!
  • 英雄伝説!ダンデ最強バトル!!
PJ 28: Sobbing Sobble!
  • Messon Sobs For What Reason?
  • めそめそメッソン
PJ 29: There's a New Kid in Town!
  • One Crackling Fit of Jealousy: Wanpachi's Fantasy
  • パチパチやきもち!ワンパチのきもち
PJ 30: Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered!
  • The Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Barrierd
  • いやいやピカチュウ、やれやれバリヤード
PJ 31: The Cuteness Quotient!
  • Hinbass' Pretty Scale
  • ヒンバスのきれいなウロコ
PJ 32: Time After Time!
  • Celebi: A Timeless Promise
  • セレビィ 時を超えた約束
PJ 33: Trade, Borrow, and Steal!
  • Who Wants to Trade Pokémon?
  • ポケモン交換しませんか?
PJ 34: Solitary and Menacing!
  • Saito, the Lone Warrior! The Otosupus Menace!!
  • 孤高の戦士サイトウ!オトスパスの脅威!!
PJ 35: Gotta Catch a What?!
  • I Got Pikachu!!
  • ピカチュウ、ゲットだぜ!!
PJ 36: Making Battles in the Sand!
  • Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Satoshi and Go!
  • サトシとゴウ、砂地獄から這い上がれ!
PJ 37: The New Old Gang of Mine!
  • I'm Back! Nice to See You, Alola!
  • ただいま、はじめましてアローラ!
PJ 38: Restore and Renew!
  • The Colossal Restoration and the Fossil Pokémon!
  • 奇跡の復元、化石のポケモン!
PJ 39: Octo-Gridlock at the Gym!
  • Satoshi VS Saito! Overcome Octolock!!
  • サトシ対サイトウ!攻略たこがため!!
PJ 40: A Crackling Raid Battle!
  • VS Thunder! Legendary Raid Battle!!
  • VSサンダー!伝説レイドバトル!!
PJ 41: Pikachu Translation Check... Up to Your Neck!
  • Operation: Dub Pikachu! / Half, Numacraw.
  • ピカチュウアテレコ大作戦! / 半分、ヌマクロー。
PJ 42: Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald!
  • Sword & Shield I: Slumbering Weald
  • ソード&シールドⅠ「まどろみの森」
PJ 43: Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!
  • Sword & Shield II: Black Night
  • ソード&シールドⅡ「ブラックナイト」
PJ 44: Sword and Shield: From Here to Eternatus!
  • Sword & Shield III: Mugendaina
  • ソード&シールドⅢ「ムゲンダイナ」
PJ 45: Sword and Shield... The Legends Awaken!
  • Sword & Shield IV: The Ultimate Sword and Shield
  • ソード&シールドⅣ「最強の剣と盾」
PJ 46: Getting More Than You Battled For!
  • Battling & Getting! Mewtwo Comes Back
  • バトル&ゲット!ミュウツーの復活
PJ 47: Crowning the Chow Crusher!
  • Pokémon Champion! The Battle of Big Eaters!!
  • ポケモンチャンピオン!大食い王決定戦!!
PJ 48: A Close Call... Practically!
  • Almost Pikachu Crisis!
  • ほぼほぼピカチュウ危機一髪!