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Episode List
PSXY 1: Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
  • We've Come to the Kalos Region! The Beginning of the Dream and the Adventure!!
  • カロス地方にやってきた! 夢と冒険のはじまり!!
PSXY 2: Lumiose City Pursuit!
  • Mega Evolution and the Prism Tower!
  • メガシンカとプリズムタワー!
PSXY 3: A Battle of Aerial Mobility!
  • Keromatsu VS Yayakoma! Air Assault Battle!!
  • ケロマツVSヤヤコマ! 空中機動バトル!!
PSXY 4: A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!
  • Pikachu and Dedenne! Nuzzle!!
  • ピカチュウとデデンネ! ほっぺすりすり!!
PSXY 5: A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!
  • Hakudan Gym Match! The Elegant Vivillon's Dance Battling!!
  • ハクダンジム戦!華麗なるビビヨンの舞バトル!!
PSXY 6: Battling on Thin Ice!
  • A Decisive Battle on Ice! Pikachu VS Vivillon!
  • 氷上決戦!ピカチュウVSビビヨン!
PSXY 7: Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!
  • Leave it All to Serena!? The Wild Sihorn Race!
  • セレナにおまかせ!?激走サイホーンレース!
PSXY 8: Grooming Furfrou!
  • The Pokémon Groomer and Trimmien!
  • ポケモントリマーとトリミアン!
PSXY 9: Clemont’s Got a Secret!
  • Retake the Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!
  • ミアレジム攻略!シトロンの秘密!!
PSXY 10: Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!
  • Harimaron VS Mega Mega Nyarth!!
  • ハリマロンVSメガメガニャース!!
PSXY 11: The Bamboozling Forest!
  • A Chase Through the Bamboo Grove! Yancham and Goronda!!
  • 竹林の追跡!ヤンチャムとゴロンダ!!
PSXY 12: To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler!
  • Catch the Pokémon Merchant! Operation: Kofuurai Disguise!!
  • ポケモンバイヤーを捕まえろ! コフーライ偽装作戦!!
PSXY 13: Kindergarten Chaos!
  • Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Panic in Kindergarten!!
  • ニンフィアVSケロマツ!幼稚園は大さわぎ!!
PSXY 14: Seeking Shelter from the Storm!
  • The Eerie Rain Shelter! Nyasper Saw Everything!!
  • ぶきみな雨宿り!ニャスパーは見ていた!!
PSXY 15: An Appetite for Battle!
  • Harimaron VS Mafoxy! A Weight Loss Battle!?
  • ハリマロンVSマフォクシー!ダイエットバトル!?
PSXY 16: A Jolting Switcheroo!
  • Dedenne is Pichu and Pichu is Dedenne...!?
  • デデンネがピチューでピチューがデデンネで…!?
PSXY 17: A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!
  • Keromatsu VS Gekogashira! Ninja Battle!!
  • ケロマツ対ゲコガシラ!忍者バトル!!
PSXY 18: Awakening the Sleeping Giant!
  • Wake Up Kabigon! Please, Let's Have a Battle in Parfum Palace!!
  • カビゴンを起こせ!パルファム宮殿でバトルです!!
PSXY 19: A Conspiracy to Conquer!
  • Madame X's Evil Plot! The Terrifying Calamanero!!
  • マダムXの陰謀!恐怖のカラマネロ!!
PSXY 20: Breaking Titles at the Chateau!
  • The Battle Chateau Challenge! Viola VS Zakuro!!
  • 挑戦バトルシャトー!ビオラVSザクロ!!
PSXY 21: A Pokévision of Things to Come!
  • Time to Debut! PokéVision with Serena and Fokko!!
  • デビューです!セレナとフォッコでポケビジョン!!
PSXY 22: Going for the Gold!
  • Fish the Golden Koiking!!
  • 黄金のコイキングを釣り上げろ!!
PSXY 23: Coming Back into the Cold!
  • The Aurora Bond! Amarus and Amaruruga!!
  • オーロラの絆!アマルスとアマルルガ!!
PSXY 24: Climbing the Walls!
  • Shoyo Gym Match! Pikachu VS Chigoras!!
  • ショウヨウジム戦!ピカチュウ対チゴラス!!
PSXY 25: A Battle by Any Other Name!
  • Peroppuff and Peroream!! A Sweet Fight Gets Anything But Sweet!?
  • ペロッパフとペロリーム!!甘い戦いはあまくない!?
PSXY 26: To Find a Fairy Flower!
  • Flabebe and the Fairy Flower!
  • フラべべと妖精の花!
PSXY 27: The Bonds of Evolution!
  • Enter Champion Carne! Mega Sirknight in Mist!!
  • チャンピオン・カルネ登場!霧の中のメガサーナイト!!
PSXY 28: Heroes—Friends and Faux Alike!
  • Ta-da! A Fake Satoshi Appears!!
  • ジャジャーン!ニセサトシ現る!!
PSXY 29: Mega Revelations!
  • Corni and Lucario! The Secrets of Mega Evolution!!
  • コルニとルカリオ!メガシンカの秘密!!
PSXY 30: The Cave of Trials!
  • Lucario VS Burshamo! The Cave of Trials!!
  • ルカリオVSバシャーモ!試練の洞窟!!
PSXY 31: The Aura Storm!
  • Mega Lucario VS Mega Lucario! A Storm of Wave Guidance!!
  • メガルカリオ対メガルカリオ!波導の嵐!!
PSXY 32: Calling from Beyond the Aura!
  • Hearts Calling Out to One Another! Go Beyond Wave!!
  • 呼び合う心!波導のむこうへ!!
PSXY 33: The Bonds of Mega Evolution!
  • Mega Lucario VS Mega Kucheat! The Mega Evolution Bond!!
  • メガルカリオ対メガクチート!メガシンカの絆!!
PSXY 34: The Forest Champion!
  • The Forest Champion! Enter Luchabull!!
  • 森のチャンピオン!ルチャブル登場!!
PSXY 35: Battles in the Sky!
  • A Sky Battle!? Luchabull VS Fiarrow!!
  • スカイバトル!?ルチャブル対ファイアロー!!
PSXY 36: The Cave of Mirrors!
  • Reflection Cave! Satoshi and Satoshi Through the Looking-Glass!?
  • うつしみの洞窟!鏡の国のサトシとサトシ!?
PSXY 37: Forging Forest Friendships!
  • The Ohrot from the Wriggling Forest!
  • 蠢く森のオーロット!
PSXY 38: Summer of Discovery!
  • Pokémon Summer Camp! Enter the Rival Trio!!
  • ポケモン・サマーキャンプ! ライバル三人組搭乗!!
PSXY 39: Day Three Blockbusters!
  • Serena VS Sana! PokéVision Showdown!!
  • セレナVSサナ! ポケビジョン対決!!
PSXY 40: Foggy Pokémon Orienteering!
  • PokéEnteering! The X in the Mist!
  • ポケエンテーリング! 霧の中のX!
PSXY 41: Battling into the Hall of Fame!
  • Team Battle! Competing for the Hall of Fame!!
  • チームバトル! 殿堂入り決戦!!
PSXY 42: Origins of Mega Evolution!
  • The Master Tower! The History of Mega Evolution!!
  • マスタータワー! メガシンカの歴史!!
PSXY 43: Showdown at the Shalour Gym!
  • Shala Gym Match! Pikachu VS Mega Lucario!!
  • シャラジム戦! ピカチュウVSメガルカリオ!!
PSXY 44: Splitting Heirs!
  • Citron VS Eureka!? A Sibling Battle with Nyaonix!!
  • シトロン対ユリーカ!?ニャオニクスできょうだいバトル!!
PSXY 45: The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos!
  • The Clumsy Pukurin VS the Rampaging Bohmander!!
  • どじっこプクリンVS暴走ボーマンダ!!
PSXY 46: Dreaming a Performer's Dream!
  • Serena Gets Her First Pokémon!? Yancham VS Fokko!!
  • セレナ、初ゲット!?ヤンチャムVSフォッコ!!
PSXY 47: A Campus Reunion!
  • Citron's Campus of Memories! An Electrifying Reunion!!
  • シトロン、想い出のキャンパス!電撃の再会!!
PSXY 48: Bonnie for the Defense!
  • Mobilize, Laplace Defense Corps! Eureka Does Her Best!!
  • 出動ラプラス防衛隊!ユリーカがんばる!!
PSXY 49: Pathways to Performance Partnering!
  • Dance, Yancham; Charm the Crowd, Fokko! Steps Towards Tomorrow!!
  • 踊れヤンチャム、魅せろフォッコ!明日へのステップ!!
PSXY 50: When Light and Dark Collide!
  • Luchabull and Dark Luchabull!
  • ルチャブルとダークルチャブル!
PSXY 51: An Undersea Place to Call Home!
  • The Castle on the Seabed! Kuzumo and Dramidoro!!
  • 海底の城! クズモーとドラミドロ!!
PSXY 52: A Stealthy Challenge!
  • Ninja Art Showdown! Gekogashira VS Gamenodes!!
  • 忍法対決!ゲコガシラ対ガメノデス!!
PSXY 53: A Race for Home!
  • Serena Gets Serious! The Wild Meecle Race!!
  • セレナの本気!激走メェークルレース!!
PSXY 54: Facing the Grand Design!
  • Calamanero VS Maaiika! A Bond That Saves the World!!
  • カラマネロ対マーイーカ!絆は世界を救う!!
PSXY 55: A Slippery Encounter!
  • The Weakest Dragon Ever! Enter Numera!!
  • 最弱のドラゴン!ヌメラ登場!!
PSXY 56: One for the Goomy!
  • Dedenne Does Its Best! All for Numera!!
  • デデンネがんばる!ヌメラのために!!
PSXY 57: Thawing an Icy Panic!
  • Vanipeti Panic! Left Cold by a Whiteout!!
  • バニプッチ・パニック!ホワイトアウトはこおりごおり!!
PSXY 58: The Green, Green Grass-Types of Home!
  • Hiyoku Gym Match! Gekogashira VS Gogoat!!
  • ヒヨクジム戦!ゲコガシラVSゴーゴート!!
PSXY 59: Under the Pledging Tree!
  • Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Vow Tree and the Presents!!
  • サトシとセレナ初デート!? 誓いの樹とプレゼント!!
PSXY 60: A Showcase Debut!
  • Aim to Become Kalos Queen! Serena's Grand Debut!!
  • 目指せカロスクイーン! セレナ、デビューです!!
PSXY 61: An Oasis of Hope!
  • Into the Badlands! Fight, Numera!!
  • 荒野の決闘!戦えヌメラ!!
PSXY 62: The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!
  • Protect the Future of Science! The Labyrinth of Electricity!!
  • サイエンスの未来を守れ!電気の迷宮!!
PSXY 63: A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!
  • Being Lost and Torn is the Road to Separation!? Musashi and Sonansu!!
  • 迷い道は分かれ道!?ムサシとソーナンス!!
PSXY 64: Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!
  • Fokko VS Mafoxy! A Gorgeous Performer Battle!!
  • フォッコVSマフォクシー!華麗なるパフォーマーバトル!!
PSXY 65: Good Friends, Great Training!
  • Enter Kameil and Raichu! Numeil Does its Best!!
  • カメール、ライチュウ登場!ヌメイルがんばる!!
PSXY 66: Confronting the Darkness!
  • Criminal Investigation in Miare City! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!
  • ミアレシティ走査線!シトロイド対ブラック・シトロイド!!
PSXY 67: The Moment of Lumiose Truth!
  • Miare Gym Match! Satoshi VS Citron!!
  • ミアレジム戦!サトシVSシトロン!!
PSXY 68: Garchomp’s Mega Bond!
  • Mega Evolution is Being Targeted! The Bond with Gablias!!
  • 狙われたメガシンカ!ガブリアスの絆!!
PSXY 69: Defending the Homeland!
  • A Fight in the Wetlands! Numelgon VS Florges
  • 湿地帯の戦い!ヌメルゴン対フラージェス
PSXY 70: Beyond the Rainbow!
  • Conclusion! Numelgon, Somewhere Over the Rainbow!!
  • 決着!ヌメルゴン虹の彼方に!!
PSXY 71: So You’re Having a Bad Day!
  • The Worst Possible Luck? Eureka VS Nyarth!!
  • 運勢最悪?ユリーカ対ニャース!!
PSXY 72: Scary Hospitality!
  • The Scary House's Welcoming Services!
  • こわいイエのおもてなし!
PSXY 73: A Fashionable Battle!
  • We Will Have a Battle at the Fashion Show! Tatsubay VS Shushupu!!
  • ファッションショーでバトルです!タツベイVSシュシュプ!!
PSXY 74: Fairy-Type Trickery!
  • Kunoe Gym Match! The Beautiful Fairy Trap!!
  • クノエジム戦!美しきフェアリーの罠!!
PSXY 75: Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!
  • A Three-Round Rival Battle! Aim Towards Tomorrow!!
  • ライバルバトル3本勝負! 明日に向かって!!
PSXY 76: A Not-So-Flying Start!
  • The Wind, the Egg and the Onbat!
  • 風とタマゴとオンバット!
PSXY 77: A Relay in the Sky!
  • The Pokémon Sky Relay Challenge! Fly, Onbat!!
  • 挑戦ポケモンスカイリレー!飛べ、オンバット!!
PSXY 78: A Frenzied Factory Fiasco!
  • A Fierce Fight at the Monster Ball Factory! Pikachu VS Nyarth!!
  • 激闘モンスターボール工場!ピカチュウVSニャース!!
PSXY 79: Performing with Fiery Charm!
  • Tairenar and Yancham!! Charm Everyone With Your Firey Performance!!
  • テールナーとヤンチャム!!魅せろ炎のパフォーマンス!!
PSXY 80: Rotom's Wish!
  • The Satoshi Who Leapt Through Time! Rotom's Wish!
  • 時をかけるサトシ!ロトムの願い!
PSXY 81: A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?
  • The Pumpjin Festival! Farewell, Bakeccha!?
  • パンプジンフェスティバル!さよならバケッチャ!?
PSXY 82: Over the Mountain of Snow!
  • Cross the Snow Mountains! Manmoo and Yukinooh!!
  • 雪山をこえて!マンムーとユキノオー!!
PSXY 83: Adventures in Running Errands!
  • Harimaron! Its First Errand!!
  • ハリマロン!はじめてのおつかい!!
PSXY 84: Mending a Broken Spirit!
  • A Broken Twig: A Broken Heart! Tairenar's Strong Feelings!!
  • 折れた小枝・折れた心!テールナーの強き思い!!
PSXY 85: A Legendary Photo Op!
  • Fire in Focus! Snap the Legend!!
  • シャッターチャンスはファイヤー!伝説を撮れ!!
PSXY 86: The Tiny Caretaker!
  • Eureka Will Take Care of You! The Pampered Chigoras!!
  • ユリーカお世話です!甘えん坊のチゴラス!!
PSXY 87: A Trip Down Memory Train!
  • A Train Revisited! Citron and Horubee!!
  • 追憶のトレイン!シトロンとホルビー!!
PSXY 88: A Frolicking Find in the Flowers!
  • Eievui is Shy with Strangers!? The Catcher in the Flowers!!
  • イーブイはひとみしり!?お花畑でつかまえて!!
PSXY 89: Lights! Camera! Pika! / How to Make a Pikachu Movie: Ready...Action! / Lightning Fast! Brave and Strong! Super-Pikachu! / The Very Best of Super-Pikachu's Back-Slapping Bloopers!
  • Pikachu Becomes a Star!? Its Movie Debut!! / How to Pikachu the Movie! Ready! Action!! / The Thunderclap Hero! Super Pikachu!! / Pikachu's Thrilling Blooper Awards
  • ピカチュウはスター!?映画デビュー!! / How to ピカチュウ・ザ・ムービー!よーい!アクション!! / 迅雷のヒーロー!スーパーピカチュウ!! / ピカチュウのドキドキNG大賞
PSXY 90: Tag Team Inspiration!
  • A Tag Battle is a Friendship Battle! Eievui Fights for the First Time!!
  • タッグバトルは友情バトル!イーブイ初参戦!!
PSXY 91: A Performance Pop Quiz!
  • The Happy Dance Comes After a Quiz!? The Hyakkoku Tripokalon Tournament!!
  • ハッピーダンスはクイズのあとで!?トライポカロン・ヒャッコク大会!!
PSXY 92: Cloudy Fate, Bright Future!
  • A Kalos Crisis! Battle of the Giant Sundial!!
  • カロスの危機!巨大日時計の戦い!!
PSXY 93: All Eyes on the Future!
  • Double Battle at the Hyakkoku Gym! Gojika's Future Sight!!
  • ヒャッコクジムのダブルバトル!ゴジカの未来予知!!
PSXY 94: From A to Z!
  • The Explosive Birth of Z! That Which Lies Hidden in Kalos!!
  • Z爆誕!カロスに潜む者!!
PSXY 95: Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes!
  • Hot-blooded Hariborg! Squishy is Being Targeted!!
  • 熱血ハリボーグ!狙われたプニちゃん!!
PSXY 96: A Giga Battle with Mega Results!
  • Mega Tabunne VS Giga Giga Nyarth!!
  • メガタブンネVSギガギガニャース!!
PSXY 97: A Fiery Rite of Passage!
  • Shishiko and Kaenjishi! A Fiery Departure!!
  • シシコとカエンジシ!炎の旅立ち!!
PSXY 98: Dream a Little Dream from Me!
  • Pikachu Dreams of Squishy!
  • ピカチュウ、プニちゃんの夢を見る!
PSXY 99: The Legend of the Ninja Hero!
  • Welcome to the Ninja Village! The Legend of the Hero Gekkouga!!
  • ようこそ忍者村へ!英雄ゲッコウガの伝説!!
PSXY 100: A Festival of Decisions!
  • Decisive Battle in the Ninja Village! Gekogashira VS Kirikizan!!
  • 忍者村決戦!ゲコガシラ対キリキザン!!
PSXY 101: A Dancing Debut!
  • Dance, Eievui! Its Tripokalon Debut!!
  • 踊れイーブイ!トライポカロン・デビュー!!
PSXY 102: Meeting at Terminus Cave!
  • Terminus Cave! The Mystery of Z is Set in Motion!!
  • ついの洞窟! 動き出したZの謎!!
PSXY 103: A Cellular Connection!
  • Eureka and Squishy!
  • ユリーカとプニちゃん!
PSXY 104: A Windswept Encounter!
  • Onbat and Floette! An Encounter in the Wind!!
  • オンバットとフラエッテ!風の中のめぐりあい!!
PSXY 105: Party Dancecapades!
  • Satoshi and Serena! Getting One at a Dance Party!!
  • サトシとセレナ!ダンスパーティでゲットだぜ!!
PSXY 106: A Meeting of Two Journeys!
  • The Strongest Mega Battle! Gekkouga VS Mega Lizardon!!
  • 最強メガバトル!ゲッコウガVSメガリザードン!!
PSXY 107: An Explosive Operation!
  • The Explosive Land's Wrath! Operation: Capture Zygarde!!
  • 爆裂グランドフォース!ジガルデ捕獲作戦!!
PSXY 108: A Watershed Moment!
  • A Brigarron from the Wilderness! The Tree-planting Robon!!
  • 荒野のブリガロン!木を植えるロボン!!
PSXY 109: Master Class Choices!
  • The Master Class Trial! What Will You Do, Serena!?
  • マスタークラスの試練!どうするセレナ!?
PSXY 110: An Electrifying Rage!
  • Thunder and Onvern! A Furious Strike of Lightning!!
  • サンダーとオンバーン! 怒りの雷撃!!
PSXY 111: Unlocking Some Respect!
  • Left and Right! The Indecisive Kametete!!
  • レフトとライト!揺れる心のカメテテ!!
PSXY 112: Master Class Is in Session!
  • The Master Class Begins! A Maidens' Fight Where Sparks Fly!!
  • マスタークラス開幕! 火花散る乙女の激闘!!
PSXY 113: Performing a Pathway to the Future!
  • Elle VS Serena! Open the Door to the Future!!
  • エルVSセレナ!開け未来への扉!!
PSXY 114: A Keeper for Keeps?
  • A Bride for Citron! Eureka's S'il-vous-plaît Panic!!
  • シトロンの花嫁!?ユリーカのシルブプレパニック!!
PSXY 115: Battling at Full Volume!
  • Serena Becomes Satoshi! The Ultimate Pikachu Showdown!!
  • セレナ、サトシになる!最強ピカチュウ対決!!
PSXY 116: The Synchronicity Test!
  • Satoshi and Alan! Gekkouga VS Mega Lizardon Once Again!!
  • サトシとアラン!ゲッコウガVSメガリザードンふたたび!!
PSXY 117: Making Friends and Influencing Villains!
  • The Forest's Curse and the White Bokurei!
  • 森の呪いと白いボクレー!
PSXY 118: Championing a Research Battle!
  • Satoshi VS Champion Carne! VS Mega Sirknight!!
  • サトシ対チャンピオン・カルネ!VSメガサーナイト!!
PSXY 119: A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!
  • Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Shota!!
  • ライバル対決!サトシVSショータ!!
PSXY 120: All Hail the Ice Battlefield!
  • Eisetsu Gym Match! A Battlefield of Ice!!
  • エイセツジム戦!氷のバトルフィールド!!
PSXY 121: Seeing the Forest for the Trees!
  • The Winding Woods... The Dawn of Evolution!
  • 迷いの森・・・進化の夜明け!
PSXY 122: A Real Icebreaker!
  • Satoshi Gekkouga VS Mega Yukinooh! The Giant Water Shuriken Triggers!!
  • サトシゲッコウガVSメガユキノオー!発動巨大水手裏剣!!
PSXY 123: A Diamond in the Rough!
  • Find Melecie! Numelgon and Dedenne!!
  • メレシーを探せ!ヌメルゴンとデデンネ!!
PSXY 124: A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness!
  • Heatbursts at the Ingenuity Festival!
  • 爆熱の機巧フェスティバル!
PSXY 125: A League of His Own!
  • The Kalos League Begins! Mega Lizardon Showdown: X VS Y!!
  • カロスリーグ開幕!メガリザードン対決・X対Y!!
PSXY 126: Valuable Experience for All!
  • Mega Jukain VS Raichu! I Received Some EXP!!
  • メガジュカインVSライチュウ!経験値頂きます!!
PSXY 127: Analysis Versus Passion!
  • Semifinal Full Battle! Satoshi VS Shota!!
  • 準決勝フルバトル!サトシ対ショータ!!
PSXY 128: A Riveting Rivalry!
  • Rival Showdown! Satoshi Gekkouga VS Mega Jukain
  • ライバル決戦!サトシゲッコウガVSメガジュカイン
PSXY 129: Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!
  • Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! Gather, All of My Passion!!
  • 激闘カロスリーグ!集え、すべての熱き想いよ!!
PSXY 130: Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!
  • The Finals! Satoshi VS Alan!!
  • 決勝戦!サトシ対アラン!!
PSXY 131: Down to the Fiery Finish!
  • Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Ultimate Match!!
  • カロスリーグ優勝!サトシ頂上決戦!!
PSXY 132: A Towering Takeover!
  • The Flare Gang Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!!
  • 襲撃フレア団!プリズムタワーのジガルデ!!
PSXY 133: Coming Apart at the Dreams!
  • The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!!
  • 衝撃ジガルデ対ジガルデ!壊れゆく世界!!
PSXY 134: The Right Hero for the Right Job!
  • Attack on Miare Gym! The Citroid Forever!!
  • 突撃ミアレジム!シトロイドよ永遠に!!
PSXY 135: Rocking Kalos Defenses!
  • The Megalith Advances! Kalos' Defense Line!!
  • 進撃する巨石!カロス防衛線!!
PSXY 136: Forming a More Perfect Union!
  • Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!!
  • 反撃のジガルデ!カロス最終決戦!!
PSXY 137: Battling with a Clean Slate!
  • We Start at Zero! Citron's Decision!
  • はじまりはゼロ!シトロンの決断!
PSXY 138: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!
  • One Last Battle with Satoshi! Serena's Choice!!
  • サトシとラストバトル!セレナの選択!!
PSXY 139: Facing the Needs of the Many!
  • Farewell, Satoshi Gekkouga! Xerosicy Strikes Back
  • さらばサトシゲッコウガ!クセロシキの逆襲
PSXY 140: Till We Compete Again!
  • A Zero With No End! Till the Day we Meet Again!!
  • 終わりなきゼロ!また逢う日まで!!